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Website Design and Development in Beautiful Bayside Wynnum Brisbane

With the beauty of Moreton Bay as an inspiration, Cocoweb is located at Wynnum, in Brisbane, Queensland Australia.

With decades of computer experience in a broad range of activities, we enjoy both the graphics development and the dynamic coding associated with website design and development.


Our prices are low because:

Facts About Cocoweb

2001 Business name registered Concerning Computers providing a broad range of services around application of computer technology including website design since 2002
2007 Business name registered Cocoweb to focus on web design and related services
COCOWEB comes from the first 2 letters of concerning & computers

  Some local residents in beautiful bayside Wynnum, Queensland, Australia



About the Boss

Proprietor, Ken Rowan BSc BEdSt, first used a computer in 1970.

Ken has experience at work and "hobby" level with:
- lots of classroom teaching
-maths, physics
-computer programming & applications
-graphic design
- film & TV
- IT management
- house renovating
- auto mechanics & body works
- video production
- desktop publishing
- event organising
- stage sound & lighting
- band member/roadie
- darkroom photography
- curriculum writing
- training manuals
- gym/swimming training
- homestay coordination
- union representative
- electronics
- camping
- church activities
- Scouting
- Boys Brigade

Ken likes to explore all sorts of technology both old and new. This experience assists in understanding clients from vastly varied backgrounds.