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Standard E-Brochure Website - $583 inc GST

Standard website includes custom design, domain name and 12 mths hosting

Suitable for displaying general information about products and services

Online Brochure - Show what you do Ordering

Includes in Standard E-Brochure Site

Recurring Costs

Future Annual fees apply for Registration and Hosting
Domain name registration
A package that includes 2 year domain registration for .com.au or just .com.
Currently a registration costs $40 for the 2 years.
Webspace rental is charged yearly. Currently this is $66 for a regular small business site with 200M space and 2G traffic. Prices increase proportionally if more is required.
Optional changes in content and layout
Often, after some use of your website, you will see things that would better suit your business. You can get a fixed price quote at anytime for major changes. As a very rough guide a one-off additional page is around $33. Groups of changes are generally lower in cost.

Full Service

The prices below are a guide to additional costs but will vary depending on the overall size of your site. It is generally less costly to include variations in the original quote. You will be charged according to the overall job.

The $583 special price assumes some DIY on your part. The table indicates the approximate additional cost if we do the work instead of you.

Full Service Includes  OR  DIY Savings as above
Full copy writing of around 1000 words $330 DIY Text presented clearly defined pages
Arrange and edit your text into pages $110 DIY Text in digital form (not necessarily final text)
Typing of text $55/1000 words DIY Text in written form
Scanning of photographs $5/ea or slides $8/ea DIY Images selected and in digital form eg jpg not pdf
Photo/graphic images appropriate to your site (not cheesy clipart unless that's appropriate)
from $330

Add Ons

The complexity of the tasks below have a large impact on cost. Send us the details of want you want and we will give a fixed price.

Animation - GIF anim from $55, Flash from $110
Extra Navigation - additional menu from $55,
Drop down menu from $110
CMS - Standard Content Management System $110
Image Gallery with CMS - $220 empty plus $55/hr for image processing
Ask about other features

**If you require an initial onsite consultation before deciding to use our service, we will charge you a consulting fee, payable on the spot. If you decide to use our service, the 1 hour included consultation will be deducted from the total price.

E-Brochure Examples

wynnum construction - large building projects