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Email Setup for Client

Assume that you have the
username:-  sample
password:-  banana321

STEP 1 - Open your email client program eg Outlook Express®, Eudora®.

STEP 2 - Go to Accounts or Identities.
[Hint: Use HELP in your email program and search for new account]

STEP 3 - The following settings need to be made in the new account

Account Name = what name you want displayed- this has no effect on email function

Username = sample@yourdomainname.com.au

Password = banana321

POP3 Server = mail.yourdomainname.com.au

SMTP Server = use your ISP settings eg mail.optusnet.com.au

STEP 4 - Send yourself an email
(Only after your have assigned DNS and it has propagated over the net. Or in plain English, if www.yourdomaninname.com.au
 finds your homepage)

STEP 5 - Check your email and if you get your test message all is okay.  

Most Common Causes of Problems

Typo in username, password, pop3, or smtp server in client settings

Leaving out yourdomainname.com.au
 on your user id

Typo in email settings on website

Many ISP's use a number of Servers which are updated at different times and sometimes overloaded. It is not uncommon for email addresses to fail for a short period, a matter of hours usually. If your website email does fail again after a few hours, please report this to us.


Email Primer

Client - a program that reads email eg Windows Mail, Outlook Express, Outlook, Eudora, and many more

Account - email address settings that identify it to the internet.
NB you can have many accounts on the one Client program

Server - like a PO Box where the mail is kept. Once read by your client program, it is usually deleted from the server. There are settings in your client where you can have mail stay on the server for a specified period of time up to forever. This is useful if you use 2 computers to read the mail. One computer should be set not to delete from server, so the other computer would have a copy of every email.

Mailbox - the computer space where your mail is kept on the server. This has a finite size so can fill and block further emails arriving.