Web Consulting for Micro and Small Organisations


  • Registrar - Keeps record, for a fee, of your Domain Name, Contact information and how your site is found. They are subject to Government and Industry regulations.
  • Host - This is the computer that stores your website. It could even be your computer in your office but most are in dedicated data centres with climate control, backup power and fat connections to the internet backbone.
  • Space/Bandwidth of hosting - Amount of hard drive space where website files are stored/Traffic for your site per month
  • DNS - Domain Name Server is a computer that acts like an old fashioned switchboard operator and connects the user to the website host computer by looking up the website address in a huge directory.
  • Domain Parking - Keeping a domain on list usually pending the creation of its website
  • ISP - Internet Service Provider supplies your connection to the internet as a user. You can have a website without having an ISP. You can change ISP without any effect on your website (as long as you are not using the included hosting with your ISP)
  • URL - Uniform Resource Locator - Web address in words
  • IP Address - Web (or network) address in numbers eg
  • SEARCH ENGINE - a website that looks for websites containing information specified by the user eg google.com.au
  • SEO - Search Engine Optimisation is the writing of websites to make them score more highly on search engines in the "organic" search. ie not influenced by how much someone pays.
  • Adwords - Google also displays ads. It is a bidding weighted probability of display so popular words cost more! So generally ads that appear higher up cost the advertiser more when clicked on (no cost for display)
  • CMS - Content management system where the content of a website is changed usually within a browser, without having to go into website code