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The Process for Ordering a Custom Website

Step1 Contact us

Contact us by Email [] or by phone 07 3901 1110

Step 2 We Send You a Fixed Price Quote

We email you a fixed price quote and terms and conditions

Step 3 You pay deposit and send back required information

Deposits range from approximately 20% to 40% depending on the size of the project. The standard brochure site is a $220 deposit.

A "business card" info page maybe setup on live your domain name so your contact information is at least on the web while the project develops.

Step 4 We develop a draft and you give feedback

Depending on the complexity of your site, we develop a draft "look" and perhaps a draft function for you to review

Generally this is repeated a couple of times with some fine tuning as the project progresses.

Step 5 Site is Completed

After your approval of the finished website, the site is made live.

The balance of payment is due. (If hosting by a third party, payment is due before going live.)

In about 4-6 weeks your site should start appearing on search engine results, if required.